Summer of Connor (2019)


A photographer finds a barista’s face appearing in all his work. He hasn’t broken it to his girlfriend.

Despite the film’s comedic nature, Summer of Connor is a coming-out story I was initially afraid to tell. The concept emerged from my recent experiences questioning my own sexuality; I was unable to contextualize or talk about my blossoming attraction to men. I hadn't witnessed any narratives in-person or onscreen about bisexuals confronting a similarly formative emotional obstacle: shying away from exploration, struggling to live their truth. I wrote a mostly dialogue-free film that allows the viewer to observe these internal feelings between our questioning protagonist, Daniel, his girlfriend, Mackenzie, and a barista, Connor, who accidentally jumpstarts Daniel’s spiral of self-discovery.

Johnny Lazebnik in  Summer of Connor

Johnny Lazebnik in Summer of Connor

I wanted Summer of Connor to magnify the inherently awkward, whimsical, and thrilling components of a sexual awakening, how a casual infatuation can become an all-consuming rhapsody. Shot in vibrant Los Angeles locations in a 4:3 aspect ratio, we designed Summer of Connor to feel like the magical, dilated memory of a transformative summer. This film is for the kids who feel confused—like Daniel, and like me. It gets weirder as it gets better.

Summer of Connor is currently on its festival run and will be released online this August. Follow us on Instagram!

Brandon Jeremiah in    Summer of Connor

Brandon Jeremiah in Summer of Connor

Alicia Brayboy in  Summer of Connor

Alicia Brayboy in Summer of Connor