The Darla Trilogy (2018)

DFC Still.png

He’s a man. She’s a doll. Their love’s a sight to see.

When sunny optimist Harris brings his new wife home for Christmas dinner, his extended family is shocked: his bride is a sex doll. Over the course of a disastrous and musical Christmas eve, they learn how to understand and respect Harris’s love as legitimate. Oh-- and the two writer/producers play all 19 parts.

Darla began as a short film sketch — or more accurately, a sketchy short film— that Johnny Lazebnik and I made in November 2017. Throughout shooting, we kept making jokes about how dumb it would be if we actually made more Darla. What resulted is a trilogy that redefines cinéma de la poupée de sexe (cinema of the sex doll) as we know it.

We love Harris and Darla. The batshit humor that emerges out of their world. The story of unorthodox love they let us tell. Working with Johnny has helped me learn to bet on myself and make choices that excite me.